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San Benito Agricultural Land Trust



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Protected Lands

The San Benito Agricultural Land Trust currently protects 5,454 acres of working ranches and farms and is actively pursuing additional lands.

1.  San Juan Valley:  This 65 acre parcel is the first easement that protects San Juan Valley, perhaps the richest agricultural resource in the county.  Protected in 1997, this land produces a bounty of row crops each year contributing to the value and beauty of San Juan Valley.

2.  Tres Pinos:  Some of San Benito's best grazing land is protected by this 1,694 parcel.  Protected in 1997, this preserve contains gently rolling hills which provides excellent livestock gazing.  This preserve also helps protect the vista of the hills east of Hollister for future generations while protecting the region's watershed.

3.  Panoche:  This remote, oak-studded ranch protects grassland, oak woodland, small streams and springs.  Protected in 2001, this working ranch consists of 3,173 acres of high vistas and pristine natural areas.

4.  San Juan Foothills:  Our most recent addition and the first acquisition by the land trust.  Donated to the land trust in 2004, this property hosts a 522 acre working cattle ranch.  This property also provides an open space buffer around the community of Rancho Larios and is the headwaters for the Elkhorn Slough.